This November NAF have re-launched their highly successful Five Star Magic Calmer, with a new and improved formula. We’ve taken a look into why this calmer has been at the top of the market for so long, and whether it’s suitable for your horse.

About NAF Five Star Magic Calmer

NAF’s Five Star Magic Calmer is a market-leading magnesium calming supplement, containing a unique blend of herbs and nutrients which have been combined to help relax muscle tissue and support concentration. It is designed to be fed on a daily basis, with an initial period of 7 – 10 days feeding a higher “loading rate” before dropping down to a suitable maintenance amount.

NAF Five Star Magic Calmer - feeding guidelines


For horses that only require the use of calmers on an immediate, short-term basis, NAF offer Instant Magic. They are administered via syringe rather than as a powder or liquid in feed so that they are easily transported, quick to use and reliable. The Instant Magic is used for specific situations that could potentially cause the horse severe stress, such as competition, clipping, travelling or a visit from the vet or farrier. The Instant Magic can be used to top up the daily calming supplement as necessary.

Why is Magnesium Important to the Equine Diet?

Magnesium is a hard-working nutrient in the horse’s body, being involved in over three hundred functions. These include acting as an electrolyte, which is lost in sweat when the horse is worked, as well as having important roles in muscle health and growth. In the nervous system magnesium is involved in the release of serotonin (the “happy hormone”), and helps to control a stress hormone, cortisol. In the brain magnesium helps memory and plays an important part of learning. With magnesium playing a number of important roles in the horse’s body it’s easy to understand why magnesium deficiency would cause the horse to be tense, anxious, excitable and difficult to train.

Why Could My Horse Be Magnesium Deficient?

In the UK the climate is typically fairly wet, and as a result it’s not unusual for our grazing, and therefore our forage, to be low in magnesium due to sodden ground. Grass growing in the spring and autumn months also tends to be deficient in magnesium due to its fast growth rate. The variety of natural fibre available to a domesticated horse is far more limited to that of a wild horse/a horse able to roam for some distance, which restricts their intake of nutrients.


Does my horse need NAF Five Star Magic Calmer?

Not all horses will show symptoms of magnesium deficiency, and the symptoms shown can have a number of other causes. It’s important to rule out any physical or pain related issues such as ill-fitting tack or injury, to assess how the horse is managed (horses will be tense and anxious in a new routine for example) and to review the horse’s diet to ensure it’s being fed correctly for its type, condition and workload.

Some typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency include:

  • Unable to relax; showing signs of nervousness/anxiety, including vices such as weaving, pacing and repetitive movements
  • History of tying up, or having very tight and sore muscles
  • Hypersensitive to touch, such as being brushed, tacked up or rugged up
  • Difficulty focusing during work; poor work ethic

If your horse is still showing similar symptoms to above, and all other causes have been ruled out, then the targeted nutritional support of NAF’s Five Star Magic Calmer (along with consistent good management and training) will aid the horse to becoming calm, focused and ready to concentrate. 

NAF readily complies with the FEI’s ruling of prohibited substances for competition, under the Clean Sport program. The magnesium used in Five Star Magic does not contravene FEI rules and is safe for use in all horses.

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