NAF Performance Range 

Offering your performance horse the correct nutritional support can make a remarkable difference to your horse’s health and performance. NAF’s Performance range helps to improve the competition horse’s performance and energy levels, replace lost body salts, promote recovery and generally support the equine athlete in hard work. 

M Power

NAF M Power is a unique, natural formula which offers your competition horse the ultimate nutritional support to encourage the healthy development of muscle, increasing the levels of power, strength and stamina.  

  • Rich in amino acids – these are the building blocks of protein and are vitally important for healthy muscle tissue growth 

  • Naturally sourced anti-oxidants and selected herbal ingredients which work together to ensure smooth, healthy muscle function 

  • Designed to naturally support muscle development in young, growing horses, any horse following time off work or showing signs of muscle wastage 

  • Helps to maintain optimum muscle strength, power and stamina in fit competition horses 


NAF Recover liquid is an antioxidant formula for relaxed muscles, ideal after strenuous exercise and competition helping to support the horse’s natural recovery process. Recover helps to maintain mobility and athletic potential when fed as a five-day course. 

  • Feed after strenuous exercise or competition to aid the natural recovery process 

EnerG & EnerG Shot

NAF EnerG is a fast-acting, veterinary approved liquid formula which has been designed to support the performance of horses in hard work. The sports horse demands more of his body for him to perform at full potential – as his workload increases, so does his requirement for specific nutrients. 

  • Rich in iron, with the correct balance of copper and zinc and a range of vitamins – supports the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism 

  • Can be safely added to any diet 

  • Available in an EnerG Shot version, which comes in an easy to administer syringe which makes it easy to feed when needed, maintaining performance and focus 


vitaFerrin has been developed by NAF’s veterinary and nutritional specialists as an effective nutritional solution to help optimise horse’s performance levels.  

  • Formula is iron rich and fortified with with vitamins and minerals 

  • Added immune system support of yucca and echinacea  

  • Feed to maintain peak performance