When repeatedly or consistently exposed to wet and muddy conditions, some horses can be affected by certain types of bacteria which lives in the soil. These bacteria gain access to areas of the skin which has been weakened by external factors - typically the skin on the lower legs is most likely to be affected, but mud fever can also affect the upper leg and the belly. 

NAF Mud Gard contains a unique complex of scientifically verified, naturally sourced antioxidants which flush excess free radicals away from areas of the horse’s body that are affected and weakened by being repeatedly exposed to wet conditions. Mud Gard also contains key herbs and other nutrients, including MSM, to further support strong healthy skin from within. 

Improving the horse’s diet will help the horse’s skin to be strengthened from the inside out. It’s advisory to add NAF Mud Gard Supplement into the horse’s diet prior to the onset of wet, muddy conditions which will allow the key nutrients within the supplement to assimilate in the horse’s system before the skin is challenged. 

NAF Mud Gard Supplement is added to the daily feed ration. For both horses and ponies the feeding recommendations are to give a 7 – 14 day loading rate of 3 scoops (69 grams) per day, following with a maintenance level of 1 – 2 scoops (23 – 46 grams) per day throughout the wetter seasons.  

Online For Equine offer NAF Love the Skin He’s In Mud Gard Supplement in two sizes – a 690g smaller tub for an approximate 30 day supply at maintenance rate and a 2.1kg larger tub for an approximate 90 day supply at maintenance rate.  

Mud Gard Supplement - see the results!