When repeatedly or consistently exposed to wet and muddy conditions, some horses can be affected by certain types of bacteria which lives in the soil. The bacteria gains access to the skin when it has been weakened by external factors - typically the skin on the lower legs is most likely to be affected, but mud fever can also affect the upper leg and the belly. 

NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream is a thick, rich, nourishing barrier cream which protects your horse’s skin when he is out in the field exposed to wet and muddy conditions. The barrier cream works to prevent the onset of mud fever but forming a shield between the skin and external conditions. Mud Gard Barrier Cream also contains MSM which supports healthy skin and encourages hair growth to previously affected areas. Tea Tree Oil and Rosmary Oil has been added to the barrier cream to soothe any areas that have already become sore and inflamed by wet conditions. 

Prior to application of NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream, the horse’s legs should be clean and dry. NAF Mud Gard should be applied daily prior to turnout in order to be effective. Use your hands to smooth a layer of cream over the horse’s lower legs and heels (and any other areas which are prone to being affected by mud fever). Ensure to follow the direction of the hair to create a water-repellent barrier over the skin. If the horse is to be stabled overnight, wash and thoroughly dry the legs on return from the field.