NAF in the Pink Powder and Pink Senior is a complete supplement offering every horse the correct nutritional support to promote perfect condition. 

Additional nutritional support can be necessary throughout the year, but particularly during the winter months when management becomes more challenging. Helping horses to cope with wet and freezing weather begins with ensuring they are well and carrying enough condition. Horses are also prone to losing condition during changes of season so it’s important to keep a close eye on their overall health. 

Managing the horse’s diet in the winter will usually include supplementing the lack of grazing with other forage sources (usually hay or haylage). It’s important to balance this diet with vitamins and minerals which may be lacking from a drier form of forage to maintain health and vitality.  

NAF in the Pink Powder/Pink Senior is a concentrated supplement which combines essential vitamins and minerals with gut support in the form of pre and probiotics, working to provide a healthy environment in the hind gut. The hind gut of the horse is easily disturbed through changes such as workload, weather or travel so supplementing the diet to support the horse through these changes will help to maintain a balance and digestive comfort.  

Keeping the horse comfortable will in turn reduce the risk of any stress caused by discomfort in the hind gut. This reduction in stress risk will in turn ensure the horse is happy, helping it to carry condition better.  

NAF in the Pink Powder has been proven to help all horses, from happy hackers and leisure horses to top level competition and show horses. Feed Pink Powder to keep your horse in the perfect condition so that he’s fit and ready to spring into the season ahead!

NAF in the Pink Powder - the highlights 

  • Concentrated feed supplement 

  • Promotes condition 

  • Advanced nutritional preparation 

  • Improves the diet of both the sport and leisure horse 

  • Optimises gut function and natural digestive processes using live yeasts and probiotics 

  • Enables the horse to fully utilise his diet to maintain perfect condition 

  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients 

  • Supports perfect health, vitality and performance 

NAF in the Pink Senior - the highlights

  • Specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of older horses 

  • Supports the older horse, helping him to stay active and feel fit and healthy 

  • Balances the diet and digestive system 

  • Provides pre- and pro-biotics for optimum gut support 

  • Supplies all vitamins and minerals for all round health 

  • Unique combination of naturally sourced antioxidant ingredients to flush excess free radicals from the horse’s system 

  • Provides nutrients to support joint health 

  • Recommended for all older horses, whether signs of old age are obvious or not

Pink Powder/Pink Senior conditioning supplement is added to the daily feed ration:  

For horses 
Concentrated use – feed 4 scoops (32g) per day 
Maintenance use – feed 3 scoops (24g) per day 

For ponies 
Concentrated use – feed 3 scoops (24g) per day 
Maintenance use – feed 2 scoops (16g) per day 


Online For Equine offer NAF in the Pink Powder in 4 sizes – a 700g tub (approx. 30 day supply), 1.4kg tub (approx. 60 day supply), 2.8kg tub (approx. 117 day supply) or a 10kg tub. 

NAF in the Pink Senior comes in 2 sizes – a 900g tub (approx. 30 day supply) and a 1.8kg tub (approx. 60 day supply) 

NAF in the Pink Powder