The new Amigo Evolution Vamoose Fly Rug from Horseware Ireland has been designed to offer the ultimate in fly protection. Combining the latest research and technology, the Evolution Vamoose tackles insect control from all angles:

  • Scientifically tested colour and pattern to deflect insects
  • Full coverage; integrated neck hood, belly flap, long tail flap and long-length leg coverage
  • Fabric treated with Vamoose® insect repelling technology
  • Breathable, preventing the horse from sweating and further attracting insects

The Amigo Evolution Vamoose Fly Rug has been designed in aqua/orange, opposed to white/cream as with more traditional fly rugs. Research has shown that certain insects are not attracted to yellow, orange and aqua – these colours register low on the UV spectrum of insects, and it’s the UV pigments which insects are attracted by.

Breaking up the rug shape with the stripe pattern and orange blocks across the length of the fly rug distorts the shape of the horse to camouflage it against insects – they struggle to identify the horse as a target and cannot figure out where to land.

The Evolution Vamoose Fly Rug offers full coverage of the horse’s body, protecting the horse from ears to tail. With an integrated neck hood, belly cover with three surcingles, a long tail flap and long length material to cover the upper part of the legs, if any flies and insects are attracted to the horse they will struggle to get beneath the Evolution rug.

The fabric of the Evolution Fly Rug has been treated with Vamoose technology – this involves using chrysanthemum extract, which is nature’s defence against insects and is 100% natural insecticide. This repellent is then bound into the fabric, offering powerful insect control while being kind to the horse’s skin. Vamoose technology is exclusive to Horseware Ireland.

Not only created to deflect flies and insects, the high tech Horseware Ireland Evolution Vamoose Fly Rug is designed to offer the horse ultimate comfort during wear. With two layers of super lightweight fabric, this fly rug has maximum air circulation for breathability and will keep your horse at a cool temperature even in hotter weather. The layer of material closest to the body is made from soft, absorbent and durable knitted polyester net, featuring a silky mane and shoulder lining to prevent rubbing. The upper fabric is the layer treated with Vamoose and has sun-reflecting properties for UV protection. This Evolution Fly Rug features a seamless design for further comfort and has leg arches to offer unrestricted movement. The long tail flap is lined and has a wipe-clean tail cord. The disc front closure offers a more field-safe rug closure than buckles/surcingles.

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