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Horse Care Advice
Winter Hoof Care
Helping Your Horse to Cope with Fireworks

Between Bonfire Night and New Year both scheduled and unplanned firework displays can cause upset to horses, pets and livestock, resulting in stress, fear and potential injury. Managing our animals with forward planning and consideration can lower the risks and repercussions - we've put together an advice guide to help get you through this festive season.

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What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a concern for many horse owners, particularly through the spring and autumn months when grass growth is at its peak. Careful management is important to prevent this painful condition - read our blog for tips and advice.

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Horseware Ireland Amigo Aussie All Rounder

The Horseware Ireland Amigo Aussie All Rounder is the ultimate all-round rug for the summer months, combining a fly sheet, summer sheet and waterproof rug for complete protection. Read our blog to find out if the Aussie is the ideal summer rug for your horse...

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Travelling Horses in the Winter

When daylight hours are so short in the winter, many of us getting out and about with our horses this season will be loading and unloading in the dark and often in poor weather. We’ve put together some top tips for travelling horses as safely as possible.

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Preventing Stable Vices

“Stable vices” is the term used to describe stereotypical undesirable behaviours displayed by horses. We've taken a look at what these behaviours are and how we as horse owners can prevent them.

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Treating and Preventing Mud Fever

As horse owners/riders it’s essential for us to always be vigilant for signs of ill health in our horses. During the autumn and winter months there are certain conditions that are more commonly found due to the wetter weather and colder temperatures. One of the most common conditions is mud fever.  We’ve taken a look at how to identify it and how it’s treated.

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