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  1. NAF Shake Relief - Relieve Seasonal Stress

    Headshaking can be a worrying and frustrating condition for horse owners, exacerbated by certain triggers through the spring, summer and autumn seasons. The main sign of this condition is obvious and pretty violent: the horse will shake/toss his head in a sudden vertical “flicking” movement of the nose. This motion is often repeated over and ... Read more...
  2. NAF Magic Calmer - for cool concentration

    Cool, calm and collected With the competition season now in full swing, it's important for our horses to feel confident and calm to be able to perform at their best. Buzzy competition venues, rider anxiety and travelling all contribute to a horse showing excitable behaviour and it can be exacerbated after the winter, especially if your horse has ... Read more...
  3. Hay Nets vs Haylage Nets

    Hay nets vs. haylage nets - which one should you use and what is the difference? Hay and haylage nets are essentials for many stabled horses, making forage last longer and encouraging more natural little-and-often feeding behaviours. They are also more convenient for you when you’re busy or short on time - you can weigh out rations in advance ... Read more...
  4. Hay Nets For Greedy Horses

    You carefully research, choose and weigh out your horse’s forage ration, soak or steam as necessary, hang on at the yard for as long as possible before giving him his night net… and it’s gone in less time than it takes to fill and soak it! Sound familiar? By nature, a lot of our native type horses and ponies have large appetites and can live... Read more...
  5. 10 Golden Rules Of Feeding Horses

    The golden rules of feeding are a useful reminder, with essential rules to follow for all horse owners. Following these guidelines help to ensure your horse stays healthy while preventing unnecessary weight gain, excess energy and reducing the risk of conditions such as colic and tying up. 1) Provide fresh, clean water at all timesAn idle 500kg ... Read more...
  6. What Are Hay Bags For?

    Hay bags are a useful and convenient way to feed hay and haylage while travelling and can also be used at home. They are normally designed from a tough, durable canvas material with a mesh front window which works to slow down your horse’s forage consumption. Their enclosed design makes them a really effective way to keep your horsebox or trailer... Read more...
  7. What Are Hay Nets For?

    Hay nets are an essential item for most horse owners, especially for horses that spend any amount of time stabled. They keep hay rations contained and tidy for storage prior to feeding, then are a tidy and waste-reducing way to feed horses when tied in the stable. Hay nets can also be used in the field through the winter or for horses on reduced ... Read more...
  8. Protexin Gut Balancer Supplement - What It Does and Why You Should Feed It

    What Is Protexin Gut Balancer? Protexin Gut Balancer supplement has been formulated to encourage normal digestive function and efficiency in horses struggling from poor function due to any number of causes. Symptoms of poor function can include loose droppings, bloating and gassiness, all of which can cause discomfort and affect performance. ... Read more...

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