Rachel & Humphrey review the Collegiate ComFiTec Training Bridle

"Humphrey was previously in a simple, traditional cavesson bridle – he was broken in nine months ago and since then I’ve tried to keep his tack as uncomplicated as possible.

In the traditional cavesson I found that the straight-cut headpiece rubbed which made him shake his head from time to time, and if he was sweaty it made behind his ears a bit sore to touch. He was also reluctant to open his mouth for the bit and I would need to coax him to open his mouth each time.

Humphrey has previously had issues with sharp tooth edges rubbing on the inside of his mouth when coming up to his last dental appointment, and I believe the cavesson noseband added pressure to the side of his cheek and made the inside of his mouth more uncomfortable.


Since changing Humphrey to the Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle I’ve seen a impressive change in his acceptance of the bit, his comfort and his general way of going.

He now willingly opens his mouth ready for the bit (I have used the same jointed eggbutt snaffle with each bridle), and I’ve found that his bridle is much easier to slip on as the headpiece seems to be a lot more generous than his previous bridle. Overall the look and feel is a lot more comfortable – every aspect has been thought off.

He’s stopped shaking his head completely – the headpiece is shaped well to give plenty of room around the base of his ears. He will now happily let me touch behind his ears where previously it seemed to be sore and tender.

The design of this bridle means that there’s no pressure against the side of his mouth which I like – after his previous issues with sharp teeth edges it’s reassuring to know the bridle won’t be adding to any problems if he is prone to wearing his teeth down in this way.

I was concerned at how he would react to the noseband part fastening under his chin as he’s not been used to it, but he adjusted well without any issues and seems to be steadier in the contact than when I used the cavesson.

The adjustability of this bridle is great too – Humphrey has quite a dainty face, so when I use a regular bridle I find that they don’t quite fit – parts of the bridle need to be full and other parts cob sized. The ComFiTec is really adjustable so I’ve found I can get a full size to fit him easily – you can easily alter the cheekpieces and noseband to fit, plus the noseband itself slides up and down the cheek straps for further adjustability.

Overall I’m really happy with this bridle. My horse is a sensitive type so he’s quick to tell you if something is uncomfortable, and he has taken to this bridle from the first wear!"