Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle Review

Sophie & Zena review the Collegiate ComFiTec Training Bridle

"The Collegiate ComfiTec Training Bridle is a lovely bridle which provided my mare with comfort and freedom while being ridden.

Thanks to the anatomically shaped headpiece being slightly cut away from her ears means that I no longer struggle bridling her, as with her previous bridle due to her being head shy and sensitive she used to throw her head about and be very difficult to bridle. 

 This issue is especially prominent in summer when the flies have been biting and make her ears even more sensitive. She used to throw her head about and give you a really hard time getting the bridle over her ears, however this one I have been pleasantly surprised with, as since she has been wearing the bridle she has not pulled away once when having her bridle on.

She also used to chomp a lot especially when out hacking, so along with a change of bridle I also purchased a JP Korsteel Eggbutt Oval Link Snaffle Bit along with the Korsteel Gel Bit Guards. Thanks to this combination I have not heard her chomp once and she accept the bit beautifully now.

I found even when going on long rides she doesn’t get sweaty around her bridle area like she used to before, she used to get sweaty behind her ears and on her nose, which has not happened at all with this bridle.

I absolutely love it, I would say the bridle does come up slightly on the smaller side, however the full fit my horse perfectly. And she has never gone better and felt more comfortable than she does in this bridle!"

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