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Jodhpurs & Breeches

Online for Equine offer a superb range of horse riding trousers, breeches and jodhpurs. Do you know that jodhpurs actually originate from India? The original design was tight from the ankle to the knee but then flared up to the waist. Luckily for riders, jodhpurs have vastly changed in style, colour and design making them far more comfortable, practical and stylish for the modern rider. You may wonder what is the difference between jodhpurs and breeches? Well jodhpurs are designed to end at the ankles and are an essential piece of showing kit for young riders as they are usually teamed with a short jodhpur boot. Breeches however, end at the mid calf region and are designed to be more comfortable when used beneath long leather boots. If you are confused which clothing is correct for your discipline, please get in touch and we can assist you with your choice.