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Neue Schule Bits

There's a different style with regards to Neue Schule Bits and the design and engineering process. We've listened to the audience and to those that want the best products for themselves and also their horses, we have examined previous horse bit products and have realised just exactly what the best horse bits products are, we have also considered your horse as well as your aspirations and we have developed our reputation on keeping you and your horse content to interact with one another and to have a great time riding.

Completely new Neue Schule Bits are continually designed and developed out of demand from horse riders or are required for their unique horse. Heather Hyde the founder of Neue Schule Bits has been involved with examining the requirements of horses and also their riders for countless years and has formulated a thorough insight into both, this is how Neue Schule Bits have become to be one of the best in horse bits.

Neue Schule Bits are produced from a special nickel-free copper alloy with trace elements, which really encourages recognition via warmth and sweetness.

We find out why they are beneficial for horses.

How do Neue Schule Bits operate?

The metal in these bits warms up to mouth temperature within fractions of a second, and at any time the rein aids are used or the bit moves from it's current position.

Because the bit does not feel cold in the mouth area, the rein aids tend to be more definitive therefore the horse is more relaxed. It is manufactured to oxidise, helping to make the bit taste sweet, endorsing salivation.

What kind of horse will make the most of Neue Schule Bits?

Andy Heffernan made the change last season to by applying Neue Schule Bits on a large number of his horses, such as his leading advanced ride Millthyme Chanel, who wears the Neue Schule Demi Anky Universal while going across country. Neue Schule Bits is thought to match horses who don't stretch out into a contact, or that lean on the bit.

Neue Schule Bits are particularly beneficial to horses that are fussy in the mouth — unpredictable and argumentative, yet delicate,” says Andy, who makes use of diverse designs in accordance with the horse.

The Neue Schule Bits are manufactured for optimum comfort when used for all kinds of horses.

Neue Schule Bits takes away any nutcracker activity for example that of the snaffle bit despite the fact that it is a sole jointed bit. This prevents all the issues linked to traditional straight-armed single jointed snaffle bits thanks to the ergonomic curve of the arms of the bit.

With its ingeniously curved design and style, Neue Schule Bits position well in the horses' mouth discouraging any unpleasant force on the upper palate and prevents it from resting too far forwards which often can trigger pressure on the more delicate areas of a horses' tongue. This has the problem of making a horse hesitant to actually stay on the bit, with the additional complication of instructing them to resent the bit.

Neue Schule Bits are really intelligently designed to put as little pressure on the horses' mouth as they possibly can since it curves gently away from the corner of the lips. Therefore it prevents it from rubbing as well as prevents tenderness and eventual callusing of the horses' mouth which results in hard mouths.

The advantage of a slight curve in the bars makes it possible for the rider to have an even and gentle contact on their horses' mouths from start to finish.

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