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Fleeces & Coolers

Fleece rugs and cooler rugs and incredibly versatile and can be used all year round. Cooler rugs are designed to be used after exercise to help to wick away excess moisture from the horses coat, helping him to cool off effectively. Using a cooler rug as opposed to leaving the horse to cool down naturally helps muscles to cool down without the risk of the horse developing a chill. Cooler rugs are also ideal to use after bathing to help the horses coat dry off evenly preventing the development of skin irritation. Some fleece rugs are designed to be used on their own for a warmth layer in the stable whilst others help to keep the horse warm whilst wicking away moisture; fleece cooler rugs are a firm favourite for use after hunting when the weather may be cool as they help the horse to cool off effectively whilst preventing the development of a chill. Online for Equine offer a wide range of fleeces and coolers from superb brands such as Masta, FAL Pro and Shires.